IMAGE / personal and commissioned images
PROJECT / a series of artwork along with a story or an idea
OBJECT / tangible, sometimes functional handmade objects

WARRIORS 2016 / 2016 & 2018

Portraits of Golden State Warriors' opening roster in 2016. This work had been painted in 2016, colored and digitalized in 2018.

12 UNITS / 2014
I live in a 12 unit apartment complex. I've lived in many apartments but this one is by far the most unique because no one ever says hi to each other in this building. I met almost everyone via mail and packages out by the mailbox. I hardly know these people, yet live very closely, so I started to observe my neighbors. This is a semi fictional voyeuristic observation of apartment tenants living in San Francisco. Self published, 28 pages, edition of 200.

SLOWLY REWIND (selected images) / 2014
My work often portrays strangers and the imaginary relationship I have with them. This ongoing portrait series is a reinterpreted images of found portraits. By incorporating my own story and memories into each characters, it creates a relationship and conveys familiarity to the unknown.

I enjoy studying people in public places and create their lives in my head. Even though most of the people I have created are from my imagination, I have a feeling that I know them unconsciously. I believe that everyone is connected in secret knots.